Great Googley-moogely

Calling everyone who has ever been jealous of computer drawing software, but always thought it was too difficult--there's a new kid in town:

Just got done spending my day's downtime playing around in Google Sketchup. What an AMAZING program. Amazing in that it is so unlike any drawing program I've ever used--creating a rough sketch of what you want has never been so easy. In AutoCAD, ProE, or Solidworks, creating what I drew today would take hours and be incredibly frustrating. Google sketchup is barely frustrating at all (computers will always be a little bit of a pain.

The coolest bit? The tutorial--it's a monkey-see monkey-do setup, where you are "sharing" the workspace with the tutor. Take a look (keep in mind that when you click the tabs or do an exercise, the whole view shifts smoothly from one vantage point to the next. SO COOL and
useful. All tutorials will be like this in the future).

I get the feeling that it is difficult to draw something perfectly accurately (read: CAD/CAM type stuff) but if you're just screwing around, and want to see what your apartment would look like with a humongous dining room table, this is your program!

This is what I sketched up while at work (couldn't figure out how to move that wheel).

I also learned that if you double click in Google maps, it zooms in. Double right click and it zooms out. Neat-o

Interested? Go to sKETCHUP.google.com today! You'll be amazed at how quickly you pick it up.

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