The smart competition

If the November 11th release of the 2007 smart fortwo didn't have you totally lusting after one of the little runabouts, perhaps seeing such a small car at least piqued your curiousity: less than nine feet long, the fortwo gets a green 50 mpg (plus or minus) without any hybrid or diesel trickery, and must be the most parkable car on the road (perfect for anybody who visits cities). Though even the brawneist fortwo spits out a decidedly lowercase 84 horsepower (although it does weight less than half as much as a VW Golf), small is definitely cool, and it doesn't have to be city-shaped.

Even sportscar manufacturers have learned from the minute smart- let's take a look at what they are testing behind closed doors:

Ferrari has cooked up a short-wheelebase enzo: ideal for their tight Fiorano test track:

Gordon Murray's long-awaited city car shares nearly everything except its wheelbase with his famed 90's F1:

The european market C6 Corvette has a smaller footprint than the stateside version, and has been received with much more enthusiasm as a result.

Quite remarkably, even classic-car enthusiasts have jumped on the microcar bandwagon. This gentleman skillfully chopped a ridiculous amount of metal out of his El Camino, and made it much more parkable (and economical) as a result. On second thought, maybe he should have saved up for a 2007 smart instead.