Rule 1: Do no harm

The end of this week was an adventure in repairing and modifying my bike and car. The Volvo's master cylinder had been getting progressively worse (read: no brakes!) over the past few months, so I purchased a new one ($114) and installed it. Just had to deal with a few bolts, then bleed the brakes. Not too tough at all.

The car also needed a driver's side tie rod end. I was dismayed when I found out I needed special tools, but learned that AutoZone lets you rent tools for free! All you have to do is give them a deposit, and you get a full refund when you give them back. The tools worked, but I stripped the new tie rod end with an impact wrench when installing it.

The alignment of the drivers door needed attention too--a 14 mm wrench on the door hinges fixed the problem. Before and afters:

The car is driving much better now (although I can't hear any difference in the driver's door).

**UPDATE 6 July** Today I fixed the overdrive in my car. It was easy--the fuse was blown.

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