Doctor thoughts

In the past 24 hours, I have had a deep tissue massage, a teeth cleaning, and an eye exam.

You know the inquisitive yet knowing touch of a doctor which feels so good? The massage was an hour of that. It was painful around my neck and throat, but was otherwise very relaxing and probably loosened up a lot of my muscles. My body had a glowing evenness after the massage, but that faded fairly rapidly afterward and I'm back to feeling like I did beforehand, though the actual hour was amazing. The dude who did it said that he could shift the plates of a person's skull around, which is hard to believe, and after having some difficulty describing an article he was talking about, said "comprehension isn't the best part of my reading" (but you've got a great accent?). Hokey witch-doctorness can be hugely appealing.

Even electric-toothbrushing and twice-daily-flossing won't always quell the buildup of tartar. No matter how well teeth are cleaned, going 9 months without seeing a dentist will lead to a painful cleaning. The hygenist said that the longer you wait to get a check-up, the more the tartar builds up, and the more it will hurt to get removed (just cause there is more). I'll be back in December for sure.

My all time favorite doctor, optometrist Dr. Scott Youn of EyePlace, seems to know everything about vision correction. Today, my eyes were treated to a series of tests during my routine contact fitment exam-

While waiting to see Dr. Youn,

Air puff to check corneal flexibility
100 point test for blindspots
Corneal topography--a topographical map of their curvature (which we compared to a 2 year old map)
Prescription estimation by a handheld eye scanner
I had to look in another machine which I did not understand.

Then the actual eye exam

Prescription was determined and compared to the old one.
Alternate prescription for computer usage also determined
Yellow Floures drops used to check for damage or dryness from wearing contacts
Opticaine (not quite the real name) numbed my eyes for another test
Pupil dilation drops allowed a picture of my retina to be taken (which we compared to a 2-year old picture)

That's a seriously thorough exam. Dr. Youn knew the answer to every question as well (about astigmatism, macular pressure and wearing a suit and tie, and why you can't see very well underwater...). Never have I been so thoroughly pleased by another doctor's exams.

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Joanna Goddard said...

i had a massage today too!!! we must be related!