The bike fiasco

The chosen iron horse is a 70's Austro-Daimler rich with patina--deep burgundy with golden accented lugs.

The rains came today, and though I had wanted to be in NYC by tonight, the bike needed so much setup this morning. It started the day as an unadorned road bike (no picture, but you may use your imagination), but I went to a bike shop and bought a spare tubular tire and tape, a pump, chain oil, a rack, fenders, 3 spokes, a front light, and a net to strap on all the stuff I will carry.

Actually, the enthusiastic and helpful Matt Feiner of The Devil's Gear bike shop in New Haven kindly threw in the spokes and the light after I told him about my trip, and gave me a discount on the rest of the stuff. Finally, a sponsor!

I got it all back to Lucy's (my sister) apartment and started putting everything together. The fenders were very difficult to install, but it turned out that I didn't have half the mounting hardware. Until then I had been very excited to test out the fenders in the rain, but this setback meant that I would have to return to the bike shop, and ultimately delayed any possible departure from New Haven until 3:45, which would have me arriving in Manhattan in the dark.

So I cooked a loaf of bread for my ride tomorrow, and will set off in the morning.

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