tRSSsssssst in meeeeee

If you get your news online, you've gotta check out RSS feeds (wikipedia). They allow you to gather news from all over the internet and read it in one place. I've made a feed for this site, so if you use Yahoo! News, Google Homepage, or any of the other RSS-enabled readers in the graphic, you can now pour The Gallon straight into your regular news page.

Click the to add this page to your RSS reader, or to learn more about what RSS can do for you. I don't know how I lived without it.

Me? I use Google Homepage (click on the "Personalize Home" link in the upper right corner of google.com while you are logged into GMail). I clicked on "add more to this page" , then searched for "The Gallon Race" and clicked "Add it Now."

Now my Google Homepage looks like this:


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