Poor following rich

It sometimes happens that rich people start a trend, then the poor people catch up, then the rich move on.

Long ago, rich people used to be pale (to show that they didn't have to work in the fields). Then, after the industrial revolution, poor people had to work in factories, and rich people got tan, to show that they didn't have to stay inside and work.

Rich people used to be fat, because they could afford a lot of food and be lazy. Poor people couldn't afford much food and had to do physical labor. Now fast food companies sell inexpensive, high-fat foods, while rich people eat very healthily and have personal trainers.

"Ain't" is a contraction for "am not" and used to be proper English, but then the lower classes intergrated it into their speech and the upper class moved on.

Cellular phones, which used to be extremely expensive and for only the richest businessmen, are now in the hands of everyman. And businessmen are wishing that they could put the phones down, so their bosses can't reach them over the weekends or in the evening. Only the bosses can put the phones away, since they don't answer to anyone.

But what's next?

I think it will be wireless internet- There is a push to put wireless internet everywhere, but it can be annoying when cafes fill up with computers during the day. There is very little turnover in wireless cafes, and there is often the eerie quiet of a press room. I bet in the near future cafes will have "no wireless" days, for the old customers who like milk and background chitchat with their coffee.

After wireless? It's going to be cars. There is a growing backlash against cars, and while they might not do noticeable damage to air quality, they are certainly noisy and dangerous. Taking a walk down the middle of a closed road is a rare pleasure these days, but a real pleasure nonetheless.

Proof? Look at these carfree places (hint-they are all places people LOVE to be):

Parts of London
Makinac Island
Isla Vista (in Santa Barbara)

The list goes on, and they are all great places! Riding and walking are forgotton joys, but they will soon be remembered. Carfree needn't mean impractical.

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