Day 4 - Baltimore to College Park, MD

Here are the results from the trip after arriving in College Park:

579 Miles Per Gallon!
Calculations: ( 31,000 Calories per gallon of gas / 16695 Calories ) * 312 miles = 579 mpg

never flyfish in a ketchup river:

But there is more news than that from today. I woke up in Baltimore at this morning (ask me for what really woke me up) to 3 dunkin' donuts and a cup of hot coffee. The folks at this hostel really know how to treat a guest. Mary Jane (seen here) took me around and showed me all the renovations they had done, and they let me use their computers to find a route through to College Park. Then they sent me on my way. It was a really nice stay there. The people who worked there were all "old souls" What a find. It was in a great location too, walking distance from the inner harbour, and surrounded by historical monuments and little shops. When they get it done, they will have a great thing on their hands.

Today I found the first useful thing of the trip--a pair of broken sunglasses on the side of the road, which would keep one of my eyes from having to look at much of anything.

However, soon after that I found another piece of art, which I have taken to calling "the appropriately decorated 'Penguins' sign" and, due to the limited storage capacity of my rear rack, was forced to abandon the broken glasses and rescue the sign instead. I wonder what I might find that's good enough to make me abandon the appropriately decorated 'Penguins' sign--The mind boggles!

Dear reader, as you have gathered, today's ride was a rather uneventful one, however, its destination was fantastic. I arrived at an old high school friend's (Kirsten) house, to be greeted by a fine bunch. I convinced Kirsten and her gorge boyf to take the train into DC with me, and we wandered around looking at monuments and generally having a good laugh.

Might as well throw a video in here-

Inside the Air and Space we saw the Gossamer Condor, an enormous and (presumably) record-setting pedaled powered bike. Lemme have a go on that!

Then we came home and ate dinner, basically, while I worked on the computer like a "professional" from "DC"

(Yes, this is quite a picture post. I have been working on this blog for ages tonight, on a mac no less, and am looking forward to getting into new discussions about energy on this blog tomorrow, and maybe a technological discussion as well)


Anonymous said...

What really woke you up in Baltimore?

Anonymous said...

What woke you up in Baltimore to the delightful Dunkin Donuts?

Nick Goddard said...

A beautiful European girl walked up to the hostel at 7:40 AM, and rang the doorbell. I opened the door in my boxers and a T-shirt, having literally gotten up 15 seconds earlier. She didn't speak any english, and looked at me with crazy eyes, and when I half assedly invited her in, but said the hostel is closed, she turned around, got into the cab, and out of my life. The nice hostel owners said that "the hostel is closed, but when someone shows up on their door, we can't turn them away" I'm such a bastard!