Fee Fi Fo Fum, Give me back my glasses!

You're not going to believe this. I wouldn't. I have read that news story too, about the lady who just figured out who attacked her in the woods 20 years ago. People who solve crimes years after they were committed seem like they are lazy, lucky, or lying.

I have solved a crime which puzzled me for two years. First, a scoop of backstory. In 2002, while spending time and money in CT, I wound up buying a pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses. After seeing them in the store, none of the other brands would ever again seem so desirable. They were called "Nitro," and had brown polarized lenses made of glass, which, every time I looked through them, made the world look exactly as I'd always hoped it would.

In 2004, I worked at Autocar magazine in England, and toward the end of my time there I heard the road test editor's thoughts on sunglasses, and explained to him what I so liked about mine. He thought they were "sensational" and I suggested he try them for a few days. He must have liked them as much as I did, since I saw neither him, nor my beloved sunglasses, ever again.

I've been looking carefully at every picture of him I see, and finally, two months ago, what caught my eye but a 2-page spread of the thief wearing my glasses. Here are the pictures for your perusal. Between 2004 and now, I have pleaded with him for their return to no avail (he hasn't responded, and I assumed that he still had them, and hadn't sent them to me, as we had agreed when I left Autocar) , but now I have proof he's hung on to them.

Exhibit A)
A picture of me in the 6 July 2004 issue, wearing my glasses:

Exhibit B)

And here is a picture of him wearing them, in the 15 March 2006 issue:

I am confident the glasses in the picture are mine because of the brown tint to the lenses, and the gently curved brown earpiece. A letter containing a detailed report on the matter is on its way to Oliver Peoples, in the earnest hope that they will help me get ahold of another pair.

Do you think they are my glasses?

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